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MINI FABRICATORS offer a wide variety of strut Channels, Plain Channels, slotted Channels which are manufactured using Stainless Steel. Channels are available in Plain, continuous slotted & in a multiple channel combinations. Combination channels are manufactured from Pre-galvanized steel are spot welded , whilst Hot-dipped Galvanized Channels are continuous seam welded or spot welded as appropriate.

Standard Channel lengths are 3 mtrs or 6 mtrs. Cut to channel lengths can be supplied on Customers requirments..

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Channels are Cold rolled from 1.5mm to 2.5mm Steel strips & are available in Plain oiled, Pre-galvanised , Hot - Dipped Galvanised, Stainless steel & Electro Zinc Plated.

Customized as needed and available in Plain , Pre-Galvanized , Hot-Dip Galvanized , Stainless Steel , Aluminum, Flex-Strut Metal Strut Framing Channel Systems can be ordered in a variety of fabrications and welded combinations to meet your specific needs. Available fabrications include Short Slots , Long Slots , Universal Slots , Holes , and Knockouts. Custom metal strut channel fabrications available upon request. Available welded combinations included Back-to-Back, Side-to-Side, and Back-to-Side. Other welded combinations available upon request.